The Essence of Yoga with Kristiina Saarna

We are going to discover the eight limbs of yoga, which are forming the foundation of the practice and introducing us to its challenge, beauty and potential. 

Patanjali’s eight-fold path offers guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life.

When and where

February 9, 2020

The Yoga Rescue

Jl. Raya Uluwatu Gg. Mantili No. 1,
Jimbaran, Kabupaten Badung,
Bali 80361, Indonesia
(On the compound of Coffee Network)

Regular pricing applies – Reservation required

Kristiina Saarna - The Yoga Rescue
Kristiina Saarna

My yoga journey began more than ten years ago. First it seemed like an enjoyable physical workout but gradually it grew into a mindful practice, till the time was ripe to dive even deeper and to attend a teacher training. The magic was unfolded and it turned out that it was not only yoga that I loved but also teaching others and experiencing the shift to happier lives.

I started my discovery with traditional Hatha yoga and as often one path leads to another, by now I am also certified in Yin, Antastha (blindfolded) and SUP yoga. In addition, I am teaching Pilates Mat classes and combining all the knowledge with life coaching.

I invite you to dedicate time to yourself in order to recreate the ultimate body-mind-soul equilibrium and to enjoy the life in its full colours.