The Yoga Rescue

Kenmerken van The Yoga Rescue zijn: Delen met anderen / een nieuw pad vinden / levenslang leren / op maat / flexibel / based in Bali / gepassioneerde docente / mensen samen in contact brengen/ redden / eigen ervaring / divers aanbod / focus één op één / je zelf leren ontdekken / adem / meditatie / gebruik je intuïtie / geloof in jezelf / na regen komt zonneschijn / blijven leren / respecteer je limiet / haal het beste deel van jezelf naar boven

Onze Missie

Yoga heeft zijn origine in India. In Sanskrit, betekent het woord verbinden.
Iedereen is welkom om yoga te beoefenen met ons. Leeftijd, vorm en achtergrond spelen geen rol.
Ons team van leraren weerspiegelen deze filosofie eveneens. Sommige zijn locals en andere komen van ver… maar we delen allemaal de liefde voor yoga!
Kom en ontdek. We geven les in Engels en/of Indonesisch, afhankelijk van de taal van de yogi’s.

Onze verbinding met de gemeenschap

Yoga heeft de kracht om te veranderen en in die energie willen we iets teruggeven aan de gemeenschap waarin we leven. We doneren 10% van onze netto winst aan de onderstaande liefdadigheidsinstellingen:

PKP Ubud, Empowering single women in Bali

Met iedere yoga les die je bij ons volgt, breng je dus niet alleen jezelf meer in balans. Je geeft ook positieve kracht terug aan de lokale bevolking.

Ons Team

Verania Larosa - The Yoga Rescue

Verania Larosa

I was born and raised in East-Java, Indonesia and have been living in Gent, Belgium since 2005. I teach Hatha, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
Yoga came to me right on time, when I needed it the most. I see it as a great gift that yoga came into my life and I am very grateful for that.
The connection with nature, space, fun and being with myself and with others is exactly what I want to achieve and give with yoga. Yoga has also brought me back to my roots and this time I want to support all the yoga practitioners around me, for as long as I can.
I am a certified teacher in Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra (Yoga Life in Brussels) and Yin Yoga (5 Elements International School of Yoga & Movement in Krakow, Poland). In addition I completed the Kids Yoga and Family training at the Rainbow Yoga Training in Paris.

Kristiina Saarna - The Yoga Rescue

Kristiina Saarna

My yoga journey began more than ten years ago. First it seemed like an enjoyable physical workout but gradually it grew into a mindful practice, till the time was ripe to dive even deeper and to attend a teacher training. The magic was unfolded and it turned out that it was not only yoga that I loved but also teaching others and experiencing the shift to happier lives.

I started my discovery with traditional Hatha yoga and as often one path leads to another, by now I am also certified in Yin, Antastha (blindfolded) and SUP yoga. In addition, I am teaching Pilates Mat classes and combining all the knowledge with life coaching.

I invite you to dedicate time to yourself in order to recreate the ultimate body-mind-soul equilibrium and to enjoy the life in its full colours.

Susan Tedjo Allison - The Yoga Rescue

Susan Tedjo Allison

Susan started her yoga journey back in 2013 when she joined her 1st yoga class. Not knowing what to expect she walked out from the class, still feeling uncertain about what Yoga was all about. However, realising that her body was feeling more relaxed.
Despite her uncertainty about yoga, she attended more classes until she decided to join the Udana Bali Yoga Academy and completed her 200hours RYS of YogaTeacher Training.
From there on she started teaching and built a yoga community among her friends in the Jimbaran area and has been growing since then.
Susan believes that the yoga practice is a journey with no end, she keeps exploring further and completed 50hours of Yin Yoga & Trigger Point Therapy. She joined workshops such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Anti Gravity, Acro Yoga, and Lower Back Pain Therapy. She will always be a student of the practice and deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her.
In her classes she likes to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help her students deepen their practice. She loves to inspire others to live a healthy life-style, body-mind-soul, to feel refreshed, nourished, and balanced on & off the mat.

Ajeng Herliyanti - The Yoga Rescue

Ajeng Herliyanti

One beautiful day Ajeng decided to join a Karma yoga class taught by her friends because she had some back pain due to sitting long hours at the office. To heal herself, she continued with Hatha restorative classes until she started practicing regularly and yoga become part of her life. She likes reading about yoga, from anatomy to the philosophy and the mindset of yoga. She thinks it is important to keep in mind that: “Living in human form, we are required to walk both ways, out of ourselves to explore the universe and also walk deep into ourselves.” Ajeng is a dedicated yoga practitioner; she is trained in Ashtanga, Restorative Hatha and Yin Yoga as well as Vipassana meditation. Besides teaching yoga, Ajeng is an activist for diversity, gender study and polytheism folkore, being the National Coordinator of the Young Indonesians Activist Forum.

Evellyn Howard - The Yoga Rescue

Evellyn Howard

Evellyn only started her yoga since she came to Bali a few years ago and it’s been on and off until finally she decided to joined the Udana Yoga School and completed her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training. Since then her passion for yoga became stronger and she feels teaching is the best way to learn more.
To enrich her yoga skills in practice she joined workshops such as Yin Yoga with Nyoman Wahyuni, Lower Back Pain with Putu Dwijendra and Arm Balance with Keith Lee.

She is also actively involved in yoga festivals around Bali. She believes yoga is for everyone, different age, shape, sizes and needs. Her main purpose is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle from inside and outside. She hopes yoga brings benefit for mind body and soul.

Lisa - The Yoga Rescue

Lisa Fiona Sapulette

Lisa fell in love with yoga in 2010 and has been teaching since 2015 in Balikpapan, Pau (France), Brunei, Darussalam and Bali. She shares Hatha KAPHA, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin mostly in English and Prenatal Yoga in Indonesian. Lisa’s approach in sharing her Yoga knowledge is based on her own personal experience and her students, as she believes that Yoga instructors learn a lot from the students’ body anatomy and habits.

She was blessed to have been guided by Koko Yoga at the Indonesia Yoga School in Jakarta for her 200hours Yoga Teacher Training (as recognised by the Yoga Alliance in Hatha yoga). Since then she has continued to learn and got certified for 50hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Myofascial Release/MFR & Spine Anatomy) by Jo Phee, Prenatal PreTT by Silvia Martha, Kids yoga with special needs PreTT by Mimith Jegeg and Yin & Trigger Point PreTT by Dyonisius Henry.

Mariani - The Yoga Rescue

Mariani Suwirya

My journey in yoga began in 2003, that was my first time attending a yoga class, Bikram yoga in the South of Jakarta. At that time, I didn’t know anything about yoga. But it was like falling in love at first sight. Gradually I felt that this was what I had been looking for. After years of practicing yoga, my teacher encouraged me to start teaching yoga and share my knowledge to others and this led to being a certified teacher in Yin yoga (, but also with passion, in Prenatal yoga. I have joined workshops for Myofascial Release Masterclass by James Mattingley at Radiantly Alive. My teaching style combines Yin Yang yoga – bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with dynamic sequences.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita

Sudewi - The Yoga Rescue

Putu Sudewi Arsini

I am a midwife in a private practice in Denpasar. And every day I meet with many pregnant women, babies, children and sometimes with mothers giving birth. When giving services to pregnant women, I often find pregnant mothers experiencing physical problems that they face during pregnancy. Some are mild and some are heavy. Likewise, many mothers I met experienced problems during labor, one of them was the length of labor. At that time the only thing I could give was limited to light science when on campus.

One day I found a yoga training for pregnant women held by Yoga Leaf, that’s where I found a solution that I could give to mothers undergoing the process of pregnancy until labor. From there my desire to learn more about yoga led me to doing TTC 50 hours at Markandeya Yoga, TTC 100 hours at Markandeya Yoga and Yoga Kids from Yoga Leaf. I believe that doing activities with good posture through yoga, will be very helpful for the mother to start from the physical and psychological potential to be a parent.

Sofia Mellano

I first met a yoga mat five years ago while trying to recover from the miles I was putting on running and dancing Modern Jazz. I fell in love with Yoga and everything it has shown me and taught me about my body and my mind. I realized that my body is my temple and everybody should take special care of it.

After studying Physics and Gastronomy in my birth place, Argentina, I have been traveling the world for nearly 5 years experiencing and embracing different cultures, languages, yoga styles and yoga teachers. It gave me the opportunity to attend different classes and workshops and to unwind my perspective.

I had the privilege to study yoga and spending several months in its birth place, India. I completed a 200 RYTT with Master Santosh Kumar in the world renowned Mysore city, southern India. I also completed a Teacher Training in an International Sivananda Vedanta ashram over the Himalayas and around the Ganges blessings in Uttarkashi, north of India. While in Mysore I studied the principles of Ayuverda and nutrition & received an AYM diploma as an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist. I learned about Tibetan Bowls meditation, Nada Yoga (sound healing) and Yoga Nidra. I had the honor to study vedanta -the yoga philosophy- under the guidance of Swami Kashi. I studied Vipasyana meditation in Thailand and Tibetan Shamata meditation in Dharamshala with B. Alan Wallace. Meditation became an essential part of my daily life. India has opened many doors to me. To explore and learn from the traditional masters and deepen my practice on every aspect of Yoga.

My goal is to spread Yoga to everybody no matter age, physical condition or emotional background. To grow on people a strong knowledge about them selves, their bodies, their minds and their souls. To teach to listen to your body and to liberate your mind.

Wayan Viqtim

Wayan Viqtim loves to share Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Fly High for therapy and deepening the asanas. During her work in a hospital, Wayan Viqtim served and physically carried patients so she felt exhausted after work. She began to continuously practice yoga to manage her exhaustion and mental emotion. Taking good benefits from yoga in managing emotions, she enrolled her first yoga teacher training in 2016.

Besides teaching yoga, Viqtim has studied and practiced traditional Balinese dance and makes yoga jewelry (sacred mandala jewelry) like mala’s, bracelets and jewelry making as part of meditation practice.

Front office:

The Yoga Rescue - Claudia Orchid

Claudia Orchid

Ik ben geboren en opgegroeid op Oost-Java in de stad Blitar. Na mijn middelbare school ben ik naar Bali verhuisd om mijn Diploma Degree te halen. Sinds begin 2019 ben ik werkzaam in het team van The Yoga Rescue.